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  • "Here in Arizona we have seen a growing number of shoppers from out of state and out of the country, especially Canadian “snowbirds”. Ogulo tours have been the differentiator that sets us apart from the competitors because we are able to accurately share properties with our clients wherever they may be!”
  • “We already notice that our customers expect virtual tours and those agents who are not offering them are already on the way out.”
    Stefan Sieger
    Sieger & Sieger Immobilien
  • “Because of the unique selling advantage we have by using Ogulo we cannot and would not go without it”
    Andreas Hubert
    Immocenter Aalen
  • “Ogulo is the reason, why my brand stands for the highest quality. I will pay close attention to this in the future.”
    Roland Kampmeyer
    Kampmeyer Immobilien GmbH
  • “With Ogulo we have found a competent and reliable partner who we recommend to every real estate professional.”
    Jürgen Michael Schick
    Schick Immobilien GmbH

One 360°-view only needs one click

Via our supported 360° camera there is no need of prior knowledge of photography or even IT

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get help if needed?
If you have questions you can always reach us via email at

You can also call & text us during our business hours from 8 am - 5 pm (MST) at (480-454-5629).
What happens once I’ve become a costumer?
Once you are an Ogulo customer, we will give you access to your personal Ogulo account and you can directly start using Ogulo. Moreover, we will schedule a personalized onboarding webinar with you to answer any questions you might have.
Can I use Ogulo on the go?
Our Ogulo application gives you the opportunity to use following features on the way:
  • take pictures, wherever you are, whenever you like
  • name the pictures and create a 360° VR Tour
  • show your finished tours to potential customers
Do I need special technical knowledge to use Ogulo?
No, using Ogulo is quite easy. We like to think it's so easy a child could do it.
And don't worry: if there ever are any difficulties you experience, we will be there to help you!
Is it possible to use VR glasses?
Yes! VR glasses can be used to show your tours. Just click on the symbol of the VR glasses and the screen will be split in two sections and you are ready to showcase your properties with VR glasses.
Is it very complicated to create virtual 360° tours?
No, creating virtual tours with Ogulo is quite easy. As soon as you become a customer you will receive an onboarding. We find that our customers usually do not need any additional help.
But if you do our support team is always there to help. Moreover, we are constantly adding help articles to our help center.
How do I take the 360° pictures for an Ogulo tour?
To take 360° pictures you need a camera that is capable of taking 360° pictures. We recommend the Ricoh Theta V or the Panono at the moment.
To take the pictures you need to connect the camera to an app (depending on the camera) and then take the pictures via the app. This way you can leave the room and are not on the pictures.
After taking pictures of every room, you need to upload the pictures to your Ogulo account. Simply connect the camera to your computer and upload them to Ogulo.
Is there a possibility to edit pictures that I already took?
Yes! After uploading the pictures you have the chance to edit all the pictures you took. You have the possibility to blur specific areas of the picture such as family pictures or license plates. Moreover, you can change the brightness, saturation, and contrast of the 360° pictures.
How do I present the virtual tour to my potential customers?
There are many different ways to show your 360° VR Tour to your customers:
  • Integrate the iFrame code to your website
  • Place the link to your website or to any property portal
  • Place your virtual 360° VR tour on a screen in your office
  • Some of our customers even invite their prospects into their office and have viewing parties where they use a beamer to show their latest 360° tours
I don't want to lose the personal contact to my customers. What can I do?
In order to strengthen the relationship with your customers, please consider the following:
  • How about using the 360° virtual tour, after the in-person visit? This will give you the opportunity to offer your customers something extra they will appreciate while keeping the your personal connection
  • If you show the 360° VR Tour before the in-person visit you will only "lose" the contact to the prospects who might not even be the most interested. After you put your virtual tour online you can check the duration of online visits. This allows you to spend your personal time with the prospects who are most interested.
Is it possible to personalize my virtual tour with my company details?
Yes! Depending on the package you have ordered you can personalize not only the virtual tours but also your account. You can use your logo as well as your company colours to personalize your Ogulo account as well as your virtual 360° tours which is a real plus for your brand.
How do I use the virtual tour with customers from out of state or out of the country?
With our feature called Ogulo Meeting you are able to invite up to 25 customers to an online guided virtual tour. This also includes a chat and you are in charge of the perspective of every room.
I am using a Ricoh Theta camera and it does not connect to the application. Help?
In this case, please make sure, that you charged the Ricoh Theta camera completely and check if the wifi sign on the camera is turned on (it lights up blue). If you are not quite sure if the wifi sign really is working, go to the settings of your device and see if the Theta shows up in the wifi options. If you are connected to the camera, but your device is only showing you a white screen, please check if the camera is in the "photo" and not in the "video" mode. There is a good user guide on the manufacturer website.
I used all my active Ogulo tours but need more. What can I do?
There are three options for you:

1) Check the tours in your account: there might be some sold properties that you don't need anymore. You can easily delete them and use the spots again.

2) Check your virtual tours in your account, there might be some properties which you don't necessarily need at the moment. You can easily put them on "inactive" and use the spot again.

3) If No.1 and No. 2 is not an option you can always upgrade your account and get more tours. Simply give us a call at (480) 454-5629 or write us an email to
Should I use Ogulo for only for high-end properties?
We would recommend using Ogulo for any property.

Our customers often tell us that they spend most time for the inexpensive properties which unfortunately, also bring the lowest commission. By using Ogulo you can drastically cut back on in-person visits and thus, save valuable time you can spend on other topics such as getting more listings.