With Ogulo’s 3D virtual walkthrough tours, create a win-win situation for everyone in the real estate sales process.


Easily create a virtual walkthrough tour within minutes by yourself – no prior technical knowledge needed.

Capture – capture the whole room with one click

Connect your Smartphone with the 360° camera via the Ogulo App and take a 360° picture with the click of a button.

Create – Connect the 360° pictures

Create a virtual walkthrough tour by connecting the 360° pictures via the Ogulo App or the Ogulo configurator in your browser.

Publish – your digital esposé is ready to go live

Showcase your properties using VR on your website, in real estate portals, social media, or send the Ogulo tour via email.


We are constantly taking feedback from our clients and have built in several useful features according to their specific needs.

Password Protection / Lead Generation Tool

Protect the Privacy of the homeowners and promote customer loyalty thus, generating new invaluable leads.

Statistics Tool

Get feedback on who accessed your tours, how much time they spent, how often, and at what time.

CRM Integration

All Ogulo reporting’s are saved as an activity in your CRM & you can manage access to your Ogulo tours directly from your CRM

Nice Weather Function

The first impression counts! Our designers can virtually create nice weather for $15 per 360° picture.


Stimulate the imagination of your clients or create 360° walkthrough tours of properties you do not have any pictures for.



Ogulo can be used for every kind of property. See for yourself:

Our customers are delighted

Andreas Hubert

“Because of the unique selling advantage we have by using Ogulo we cannot and would not go without it”

Stefan Sieger

“We already notice that our customers expect virtual tours and those agents who are not offering them are already on the way out.”

Roland Kampmeyer

“Ogulo is the reason, why my brand stands for the highest quality. I will pay close attention to this in the future.”

Jürgen Michael Schick

“With Ogulo we have found a competent and reliable partner who we recommend to every real estate professional.”